19 Best Star Wars Watches in the Galaxy (2019)

19 Best Star Wars Watches in the Galaxy (2019)

Time may be relative when you’re cruising across the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of style. Fortunately for fans of the Star Wars saga, there is no shortage of fashionable, stylish Star Wars watches dedicated to the greatest space opera in the entire universe.

Available in a wide range of designs and price points, fans of every stripe will be able to find something for them on this list. From sleek, Swiss-made luxury Star Wars watches to robust, accident-proof options for kids, nowhere else will you be able to find a better choice of the best Star Wars watches available.

Whether you are looking to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs or are simply watching the clock in anticipation of the next chapter in the Star Wars story, these striking timepieces are a great way to show off your Star Wars love. Here are the best Star Wars watches for sale right now:

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1 Nixon Star Wars Darth Vader 3820 Black Watch

Nixon Star Wars Darth Vader 3820 Black Watch

From noted accessory brand Nixon comes this beautiful tribute to the most notorious Sith Lord of all. Featuring a sleek, matte-black color scheme and a body design reminiscent of the Galactic Empire, this mid-range luxury watch is a subtle, yet striking timepiece for anyone looking to come on over to the dark side. As one of the subtler designs available on this list, this watch is a great option for anyone who wants to flaunt their passion for Star Wars without the risk of looking childish, or making a fashion faux pas.

Featuring a Miyota Japanese quartz 3-hand movement with a 9-o’clock crown placement, this luxury accessory is a perfect choice for someone looking for something a little special that won’t completely break the bank. This watch comes in a 200 meter/20ATM custom stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal, as well as a 19mm custom solid stainless steel 5-link bracelet and double locking clasp with micro-adjust.

Price: $339.99

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2 Nixon Ranger Chrono SW Millenium Falcon Watch

Nixon Ranger Chrono SW Millenium Falcon Watch

For fans of Han Solo, the galaxy’s greatest outlaw, this stylish luxury watch by Nixon is a great choice at a mid-range price point. Featuring a gunmetal color scheme and body design reminiscent of Han Solo’s infamous spaceship, the Millennium Falcon, this watch is a stylish yet casual option for those who want something that both celebrates their passion for Star Wars while also retaining a strong sense of classic style.

As with all of Nixon’s luxury watches, the Ranger Chrono SW comes with a Miyota Japanese quartz 3-hand movement system, and is water resistant up to 330ft. The sleek design and high-quality of its interior pieces make the Nixon Ranger Chrono SW a great option for anyone looking to spend a little something extra on a stylish, durable watch that won’t drain their funds entirely. Each watch comes in a collectible 44mm case and a 5-lock stainless steel bracelet and double-locking clasp with a micro-adjust feature.

Price: $450.00

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3 Invicta Limited Edition Darth Maul Watch

Invicta Limited Edition Darth Maul Watch

As one of the most popular villains in the franchise, this limited edition offering by Invicta is sure to be a hit amongst Star Wars fans. Featuring the silent, terrifying antagonist of The Phantom Menace, this watch is a visually striking accessory appropriate for any aspiring Sith apprentice. This stainless steel watch features a red-and-black color scheme with a portrait of Darth Maul in the center of the watch face, making it a bold and loud choice for any fan. Although some may prefer the more classic look of some of the other watches, this undeniably badass design is sure to please those who tend a little more towards the dark side.

Featuring Swiss internal components and a quartz movement system, this watch is made of slightly higher quality materials than similar watches by Invicta, something which justifies its somewhat higher price point. While the design might not be the most subtle, this watch is certain to be a fan-pleaser that is both well-made and durable, capable of resisting water damage for up to 500 meters. For fans looking for something a little different, this watch is a great option that makes a big statement.

Price: $138.00

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4 Nixon 51-30 SW Watch

Nixon 51-30 SW Watch

That’s no moon. It is, in fact, a luxury Nixon watch with a Death Star-inspired design, perfect for anyone looking to terrorize the galaxy with a moon-sized, planet-destroying monstrosity or simply keep their appointment with Grand Moff Tarkin. Like most Nixon luxury watches, this timepiece has a classic, sleek design with subtle but distinct nods to the Star Wars franchise, making it an appropriate fashion choice for any situation, whether you’re in the boardroom or at Comic Con.

The back of the watch features a beautiful illustration of the fully-operational Death Star from the first Star Wars film, and the watch face itself is made to look like a minimalist Death Star. Like all Nixon luxury watches, this watch comes equipped with a high-quality Miyota Japanese…

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