Sans Titre No.8

Sans Titre No.8

Shape and color form a perfect union in the provacative pieces in the series titled “Sans Titre” or “Untitled Series” by Christophe Cartier. According to Christophe, “Painting is one my reasons for living. I am lucky to have a passion. My paintings are inspired by relections and transparencies.” Christophe’s years as both a successful French painter and photographer have warranted numerous reviews by art critics praising both his technique and style. According to Lydia Harambourg in the February 2009 issue of the French journal ‘La Gazette Drouot’, “We face here a kaleidoscopic motion originating in the superimposition of transparent sheets of paper. Between these sheets, oil is deposited as stains, puddles, floods and runoffs held back by a layer of varnish. These layers inflect the transparency and create an effect of matter devoid of matter. In some paintings grouped as diptychs or triptychs, the horizon is raised in the same way that it is raised in Monet’s ‘Nymph Aas’ and these works by Cartier remind us of Monet, not through any formal similitude but through an approach of painting for which Cartier finds different solutions.”

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