Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition Review

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition Review

When the first Tag Heuer Carrera Connected Wear OS smartwatch came out, it was big and quite heavy, making it unsuitable for everyday wear. The Connected Modular 41, which reduced the size of the case from 46mm to 41mm was a vast improvement and until now has been our recommendation. Why until now? Well, there’s now a refined Connected Modular 45, and it’s much more wearable than the first Carrera Connected, despite sharing almost the same size case.

The model seen here is the special Golf Edition — but our review is applicable to all 2019 Connected Modular 45 watches — launched at the Baselworld watch show this year. It comes in an attractive presentation case along with three Tag Heuer branded golf balls, and a second strap. I’ve been wearing it for a few days, and enjoyed every moment; but what about the golf features? Is it a hole in one, or a load of balls?

Tag Heuer Golf

The Tag Heuer Golf app is the result of 18 months work, following the acquisition of a French golfing app startup. It’s arguably one of the best and most useful golf apps you can get. It uses GPS on your phone or watch and special vector technology to pinpoint where you are on a course. A massive database contains 39,000 courses from all over the world, with shot distances, course layout, hazards, and more all displayed on the screen.

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You log each shot on the watch, with the ability to add the club details, and see the distance remaining to the hole. The watch can be used as a simple map, showing the hole as the target, or to show the recommended shot. When you’ve added all the details, it’s a simple swipe right to move onto the next hole. Apart from being deliciously simple, it also looks excellent. The map view is readable, yet still colorful and attractive, and still shows as a vector image on the screen in ambient mode.

The watch app is smooth and fast, with clever little visual hints about your game, including your progress around the course shown around the edge of the screen, which matches the numbers on the bezel — a really nice touch. Perhaps best of all, it was easy to set up on the watch after downloading and activating the app on the phone first. It synced instantly, and without problem.

There’s a real benefit to buying this version if you’re a golfer.

The app on the iOS or Android phone is excellent too, with great-looking 3D interactive maps and a very easy-to-use interface. There’s enough depth in the app to keep the casual golfer happy, with round tracking, club distance data, and overall score to par data too. However, the serious golfer may want to combine the Tag Heuer app with golf-specific fitness tracking for a better picture of performance.

Any other problems? The app’s database may not be accurate, as it directed me to a local golf course which has been closed for a couple of years. Maybe call ahead if you’re using it to find a course in an unfamiliar area.

All this is free to use with the Golf Edition watch, but the app is also available with a subscription for iOS. It’s a significant bonus, and refreshingly separates the Tag Heuer smartwatch from other so-called special editions. There’s a real benefit to buying this version if you’re a golfer.

Titanium build

The Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition is made from titanium, so it’s very light and highly durable, complete with a ceramic bezel which will stop the numbers and script on it fading over time. The black PVD finish is perfect when combined with the white leather strap, and a contrasting watch face. Tag Heuer smartwatches use a thick piece of sapphire crystal over the screen, and it makes a massive difference to the way it looks. A sleek sheen gives it class, and the view of the screen is always exceptional. You pay more for the Tag Heuer’s materials, but they’re genuinely worth it.

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This is also a proper Tag Heuer watch. The company worked closely with Intel to develop its first connected watch, ensuring the technology operated correctly inside a body that was built in the way Tag Heuer wanted, and from specific materials. This meant everything from creating a new way of incorporating the antenna for excellent Wi-Fi reception, to the impressive modular aspects. Beyond the superb build quality and the expensive materials, it looks the part. It doesn’t scream Tag Heuer, but to the informed observer it’s obvious that it’s a Connected Modular watch. The Golf Edition branding and strap give it more personality, and I felt special wearing it. Exactly what you want from a luxury watch.

What about the golfing design aspects? Apart from saying Golf Edition on the bezel, the white leather strap has a surface like a golf glove and it has a sporty green stitch too. If you want something more stealthy, there’s a black leather strap included in the package. Not only is it easy to swap using Tag Heuer’s excellent modular construction, but it’s easily adjusted…

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