Three Things You Should Know Before Buying a Rolex

Being the name in luxury watches, Rolex watches usually have little to no trouble selling themselves. But watch authority Watchfinder & Co. recently put together a new video highlighting some things you should know before purchasing a timepiece from the popular brand. Some little known facts about the watch manufacturer are that its best inventions are copied, most of its parts aren’t in-house and despite using Swiss movements, it isn’t Swiss.

Although water-resistance, automatic self-winding movements and self-changing dates are often tied to Rolex, none of these inventions were created by Rolex. The brand was simply able to incorporate the elements into its watches in an elevated manner that revolutionized the watch world. Coming into the watchmaking quite late, Rolex got its start by outsourcing construction and buying in catalog parts. It was only in 2004 when the company was able to absorb its suppliers to bring its construction fully in-house. So for 99 years, Rolex parts were not made in-house. Finally, despite using Swiss movements, Rolex isn’t Swiss. The brand was founded on the movements which were imported by founder Hans Wilsdorf and fit into English cases to make the affordable yet reliable watches that started Rolex.

Check out Watchfinder & Co.’s video above to learn more about the three things you should know before buying a Rolex.

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