Troverie is a new website that’s making it easier, more secure, and less intimidating to shop for new luxury watches online

Troverie is a new website that’s making it easier, more secure, and less intimidating to shop for new luxury watches online

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Troverie is a luxury watch
site that allows customers to easily shop around online while
still receiving a personalized watch-buying experience.

When you buy a watch on Troverie, you pick it up at a local
watch store that’s approved by the respective watch manufacturer
to sell its products. Some will even ship it to you.

Every watch sold is 100% authentic, brand new, and comes with
a manufacturer’s warranty – all of which are hard to come by on
other watch websites.

By bringing luxury watches to an accessible online platform,
Troverie makes the buying
process less intimidating to first-time buyers, and more
appealing to gift givers and long-time collectors.

Aside from price, one of the main setbacks of buying a high-end
timepiece is how the luxury watch market as a whole chooses to
sell products.

Across the industry, brands create an aura of exclusivity by
never making their watches available online, never listing
prices, and only selling products through brick-and-mortar
locations, which essentially forces customers into an in-store
only shopping experience. Because of that, people who aren’t even
sure if they can afford a luxury watch or who are in the “just
looking” phase tend to shy away.

Going through the traditional process of shopping for luxury
watches is also very time consuming – especially to a generation
that’s used to buying everything from clothes to groceries
online. Sure, there are a few places where you can buy luxury
watches online, but you can never be 100% sure about what you’re
getting, who it’s coming from, whether or not it uses authentic
parts, and why that price is so heavily discounted.

Now, the age-old luxury watch industry is getting a breath of new
life with an up-and-coming online company called Troverie – and it’s ensuring
that customers never have to take a gamble on watch purchases.


Troverie acts as a trustworthy
middleman between online shoppers and luxury watch brands by
partnering with over 70 brick-and-mortar watch retailers in the
United States. Unlike other watch sites, Troverie doesn’t have a
massive warehouse filled with stock – in fact, it doesn’t have a
physical presence or any stock at all.

The brand sells watches from Breitling, Hamilton, Movado, Nomos,
Tag Heuer, BVLGARI, Omega, and many more.

Here’s out it works:

Every watch available on Troverie is 100% authentic and
is sourced directly from the respective brands or a jeweler that
has been authorized by the brand to carry and sell its watches.
All prices listed are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price,
so you know you’re paying for the real deal in brand new
condition – not a fake factory second or refurbished timepiece.

Once you purchase a watch, you’ll be matched with a retailer
based its rating with Troverie, availability, and
proximity, since you’ll likely have to pick it up in-store. From
there, you’ll be paired with a Troverie Ambassador, who will be
assigned to assisting you with your watch for the lifetime of
your ownership – from getting sized and fitted at pick-up to any
service or repairs it may need in the future. If you do decide to
have your watch shipped, your Troverie Ambassador can walk you
through general maintenance and care over the phone.

In addition to the support from your Troverie Ambassador, every
watch sold through the site comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.
For example, if you pick up your Omega watch on Fifth Avenue in
New York, that means you can have it serviced or repaired at any
other authorized Omega retailer in the world. This is far more
convenient than having to deal with other sites’ customer service
online or over the phone and having to ship it out to get fixed.


Despite being recently launched in mid-2018, Troverie is likely the future
of watch buying. It brings all of the elements that potential
buyers want together – authenticity, a solid warranty, variety,
and an easy shopping experience. Whether shopping in-store or on
a grey market website, you might get some of these
attributes, but very rarely will you get all at the same

Whether you’re a young professional ready to graduate from an
Apple Watch to an entry-level luxury watch, an illustrious
businessperson shopping for the pinnacle of high-end timepieces,
or a holiday shopper looking to surprise someone special with a
truly unforgettable gift, Troverie is the latest and greatest way
to buy watches.

Shop all luxury watches at
Troverie here>>

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