Watches at luxury parties? Here’s how to choose yours

Watches at luxury parties? Here’s how to choose yours

A lot of people limit watches as merely time devices, but this accessory can make a difference in overall appearance if you know how to use it. Someone who knows how to wear a watch, who knows how to combine it with other clothes and accessories, stands out and passes the image as someone who knows his style and is quite sure of himself.

But are these accessories, which are perfect at work and in leisure time, suitable for a more formal party? Of course! With so many models and styles that appear on the market, there will always be something to suit a black tie outfit or even a party dress. Just keep reading!

How do I know if my watch is suitable for use at parties?

In general, accessories for fancy parties or more formal events will be more subtle and wise. Using this logic, you can buy more elegant and sophisticated models, such as those made with gold bracelets, which have a more complicated design but are no less wise. Men also have to follow this line, always choosing watches with more classic styles, especially those from gold or silver bracelets.

It is always important to remember that these options do not have colourful or sporty watches, such as models made of plastic, because they present an image that is freer and too carefree, which is not in accordance with these opportunities.

How do you combine a watch with other display items?

The use of luxury party watches such as Rolex Cellini is always an opportunity to practice your ability to match accessories with the clothes and other elements you want to use. If there is one rule that can be applied here, combine your watch with all production, or combine it with the details.

You see, if you wear a monochrome look that has, for example, black, wearing another colour watch can give the impression that it’s “done” in your production. In this case, it is best to use a black watch to keep the idea of ​​freedom. But if you wear accessories with more attractive colours, such as yellow shoes or even a gold handbag, the safest is a watch that matches the card you choose, but with a focus on details. In this case, choose a gold watch to form the display.

How do I know if I will look good with a particular watch?

The display must always be harmonious to fit. And when you begin to understand what you need to do to align clothes and accessories, it’s easier and faster to choose what to wear.

In the case of watches, the idea is that it matches the pieces you wear and that suits your event and style. One tip that we can give is related to size. If you, male or female, are short, it is best not to wear a very attractive watch. On the other hand, a taller person doesn’t look good with a watch that is too small.

With the right combination, a watch can be a detail to make your appearance more extraordinary for that fancy party. What about betting on this style? In essence, the selection of watch hours must be adjusted to the atmosphere where you will be. If you choose the wrong one, you will give the wrong message to someone else. You will give the impression that you are someone who is unprofessional; even you cannot determine your own appearance. But hopefully, this article can help.


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