Watchfinder Rolex Daytona Real vs Fake Video

Two years ago, Watchfinder & Co. went to great lengths in dissecting the differences between a fake Rolex Submariner and real one. What they discovered was that the quality of fakes were at an extremely high level, but ultimately still identifiable under a loupe. While that experiment was conducted with a more straight-forward design like the Submariner,  Watchfinder & Co.’s newest video highlights today’s level of counterfeits using the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN — and the results are shocking.

Priced at around £1,000 GBP, these replicas are not what you would consider cheap, but when you factor in the level of detail, not only in the material, but the craftsmanship as well, you almost forget why the real one is priced 10-times more. For these high-end replicas, not even the movement is safe as Watchfinder & Co puts it, “this is no longer a movement that is made to look like a Calibre 4130. It is a replica 4130 — right down to the last details.” The nuances are microscopic. Many of of the differences cannot be seen with the naked eye and are only discovered when the real and the fake are held side-by-side.

The video goes on to explain that even though the fake watch may like the real deal, it is not. It reminds us that the idea of a watch is about the history of the brand, and is something that you earn — ultimately, it should be how the watch makes you feel. In the end, the only way to remedy your worries on buying a counterfeit is to buy from a trusted seller or AD. Watch the video above to see just how far the world of counterfeit luxury watches has come, and head over to Watchfinder & Co. for the full in-depth look at the replica vs. the real thing.

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